Metaversigns, meaning Metaverse Designs, is a team of artists aiming to create tonnes of digital art and designs for your Metaverse and real-life fantasies.
These designs or art can be used to design and print garments, fabrics, bed sheets, curtains, stationary items, wall papers, wall art, ceilings, flooring sheets, woodwork, videos, themes, templates, and anywhere else you want.
Absolutely Not! You are not allowed to upload or resell Metaversigns's personal design, art, products, etc.
You can resell or re-upload all those products that have a Master Resell License or rights.
No, You cannot get a refund once you have made the payment because our products are digital downloadable products and not physical products. In the case of any affiliate program, you are able to get a refund from that platform if the concerned platform allows a refund in your case.
Digital downloadable products are sold on Metaversigns, i.e. art, design, ebooks, software, themes, templates, images,mp3, mp4 files, pdfs, and many more.
Yes, always feel free and happy to work on our platform without any registration fee and get paid up to 70% commission and bonuses on all your listings whenever your product gets a sale.
Yes, stay in the loop. In the future, we will hire artists from all over the world for our different projects, i.e. freelancing, metaverse, NFTs, designing, content writing, videography, voice over, social media managers, SEO, and many more.

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